Little Details – Layout by Nicole Santos

Hey all, Nicole here with my first project of the month. I usually do the Ultimate Page Kits however I want and not the way they are intended, however, I did have quite a few requests about how they would be done normally. So I decided to make one of the pages from the Vintage Artistry Tranquility Ultimate Page Kit the way that it is intended to be made.

Little Details-Nicole Santos

So the first thing that I did for this layout was to take a picture of the side that shows you how it is supposed to look. That way it is on your phone and can be used whenever you need it.

Little Details-Nicole Santos

The second step that I found the most helpful is to look at the side of the page that shows you how it is supposed to look and gather all the elements that you will need to put the page together.

Little Details-Nicole Santos

Finally you can flip the page over to the blank side to start building your page. You can use the image on the phone to help you put it together. Alternatively, you can also just use the side that shows you how it is supposed to look and build your page directly on top of that so that you can see exactly where everything goes.

Little Details-Nicole Santos

For my page here, I didn’t have all the elements I needed since I had used some on the other pages I made, so I just used some different elements in its place. I also exchanged some of the sentiments since the original ones didn’t go with my picture. Then to finish my page I added some Royal Spray flowers in Ocean Jade then splattered some paint all over the page.

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I hope this helps you to build your Ultimate Pages!
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we would love to see what you are creating!

Until next time,

Nicole Santos