Kaleidoscope Beauty – Cards by Teri

Hello everyone!

It’s Teri here and today I’m sharing four new cards with you that I made with the newest, stunning collections from 49 and Market…Kaleidoscope and Color Swatch Charcoal.

Kaleidoscope Beauty - Cards by Teri

My first card is what I call an easel card. I really love making and giving these cards. They are made to stand up on their own and because of that, they make great gifts and keepsakes.

This card is my vision of a dream. Some people (12% actually) dream in black and white. I dream in black and white with some color. When it comes to art, I love black and white. It can be very dramatic, especially when it includes pops of color. This card features colorful blooms, birds and butterflies coming out of a black and white frame.

Kaleidoscope Beauty - Cards by Teri

My second card is a normal foldover card that is made almost entirely of the Charcoal collection combined with a touch of pink ephemera from the Kaleidoscope collection. Black and white tends to look a little more modern and because of that, I included a lot of torn edges throughout this design. It gives a bit of rustic or shabby charm to this dreamy and dramatic card.

Kaleidoscope Beauty - Cards by Teri

My third card is another easel card. The stand-up design features the window view beautifully. This card is my view of paradise, looking out the window to gorgeous and exotic blooms, florals, and hummingbirds. Nothing but soft, blue sky in the background. Find me in nature and I’m in paradise! And because it’s an easel card, I can stand it on my desk and view paradise every day.

Kaleidoscope Beauty - Cards by Teri

My fourth and final card design is an homage to the Kaleidoscope collection itself. A constantly changing pattern or objects that look beautiful from any direction. Stunning florals and butterflies that I combined with different patterns of color, and even a little black and white. When all of these elements are put together, it creates its own lovely and unique design. And when you rotate the design, or card, it looks different and beautiful from every view. A kaleidoscope.

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I would like to thank everyone for stopping by today,
and I truly hope that you like my cards and that they will inspire you to get creating!
Remember, there is no right or wrong when it comes to art. At least in my opinion.
And with 49 and Market, you will have all the tools you need to create astonishing works of art.



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