Joyful Memories – Layout by Valeska

Hello, 49 and Market Friends,

We’re only a few weeks away from Christmas, and the preparation and anticipation are as wonderful as the date itself. I love Christmas and everything about it.
To record a very special moment with my family, the Vintage Artistry Christmas Spectacular collection is perfect. It was our first Christmas traveling with small children in a Disney hotel, and it couldn’t have been more magical!

Joyful Memories - Layout by Valeska

To create this 12×12 layout, I used two papers from the Colored Foundation Pack, 2 and 3 (green and black) to create a frame for the main background, which was The Spirit paper from the 12×12 Classics Collection Pack.
I cut 1/2″ inch of the black paper on each side, distressed the edges and sewed them with a sewing machine using white thread and glued them onto the green paper. I cut 1″ inch of The Spirit paper on each side and curled the edges inwards a little at the four corners to give the effect of the paper detaching from the paper below. On one of the edges, the top right, I folded the paper into an accordion, leaving the underside of the paper showing, a beautiful checkerboard of green and black.

Joyful Memories - Layout by Valeska

When I folded the corner of the paper into an accordion, I glued the tip to the front of the paper and used the black part of the paper at the bottom to apply rub-on stickers from the 6×8 Foliage Rub-on Transfer Set. The effect on the black was incredible. I added foliage from the Greenery Laser Cut elements and glued them on top of the rub-on with foam stickers.
I started by decorating the middle of my page with papers from the Ephemera Bits pack. I used red for a good contrast and to match the frame for my photo that I chose from the Chipboard Phrases pack. I placed various decorative elements from the Ephemera Bits pack around the frame. I also used foliage, trees and flowers from the Greenery Laser Cut and Santa Claus and other phrases from the Chipboard Set.

Joyful Memories - Layout by Valeska

I used two strips of paper from the Cluster Kit, black doily, black clips and tabs. I really loved this combination with the traditional Christmas colors.
When gluing the strips of paper from the Cluster Kit, I applied glue to the back in just a few spots and glued them to the paper in waves, leaving some parts higher and others lower. I love adding relief and depth to my pages, I think the elements come to life!

Joyful Memories - Layout by Valeska

I’ve almost finished by adding the title Joyful from my Chipboard Words pack, and I’ve positioned it with foam stickers to give it height and cover the foliage. I applied some green and red Wishing Bubbles and Baubles and why not a splash of black acrylic paint diluted with water on top of my page?! Very soft, just to bring all the elements together even more.

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I hope you enjoyed this inspiration!

See you soon!

Valeska Guimaraes