Important – Layout by Marie Sabatier

Hello everyone,

I’m back to present my first inspiration for this month of April, a layout created with the “color-swatch-eucalyptus” collection I really like this new “color swatch series”. I like to make pages with only one color but in different shades, it’s just perfect. But they can also integrate with other collections I already mixed «ARTOptions Rouge» and «Color Swatch Blossom» they harmonize perfectly. For this layout I chose a photo of my grandson Leo so these eyes are of the same color.

Important - Layout by Marie Sabatier

I chose the paper “color-swatch-eucalyptus-paper-3” and started by making my pile of paper on my photo using papers from “vintage-artistry-tranquility-ephemera-bits” a sheet of “color-swatch-eucalyptus-collage-sheets” that I slightly crinkled and “color-swatch-eucalyptus-laser-cut-elements”. Especially this lace doily. I insert cardboard to elevate everything.

Important - Layout by Marie Sabatier

I place my photo’s frame with a «  color-swatch-eucalyptus-frame-set » and I add this beautiful branch of eucalyptus of the «  color-swatch-eucalyptus-acetate-leaves ».

Important - Layout by Marie Sabatier

I continue to embellish the right side of my page by adding this splendid branch of white flowers that blends well with the printed background of the paper, a “color-swatch-eucalyptus-acetate-filmstrips” label on which I scratch the word “IMPORTANT”. I also add this wonderful butterfly.

Important - Layout by Marie Sabatier

While doing my layout, I notice that I am forming a square, I continue by adding a bunch of embellishment on the left side, to give contrast I use white labels of the “color-swatch-eucalyptus-envelope-bits” and I scratch words in rub-on transfer. To close my square, under my photo I add a tape-on transfer (photo 2).

Important - Layout by Marie Sabatier

I spread out a lot on this layout, I think it is the intoxication of products (lol).

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Thank you very much. Good scrap.


Marie Sabatier