Favorite Memories – Album by Marie

Hello everyone,

I present you my second project of October, an album using the products of the collection «Vintage Artistry Nature Study». I very much wanted to offer my son an album with photos of their chow-chow «Sayka» who has just turned two years old, with an easy character but its very impressive weight. And with this beautiful collection on the theme of nature, I found that both sets would complement each other perfectly.

Favorite Memories - Album by Marie

For this I used an album of the CREATE-AN-ALBUM series «Wide Chunky Album Cover» the largest 9.25 x 7 x 3.25 and the entire package of «Wide Book Pages» including two hinges. And a «6×8 Waterfall Enclosure» all in black. The realization of an album cover is not always easy it takes time and precision with this concept it is much simpler and faster. I started by covering the cover using papers of «nature-study-12×12-collection-paper-pack» and «nature-study-12×12-colored-foundations-pack». After having defined the order of the pages and the flaps and before sticking them on the hinges to have more flexibility, I started the decoration. A lot of manipulation but so much fun. I needed the whole package “ nature-study-6×8-collection-pack” and also the “nature-study-6×8-ledgers-and-solids-pack”.

Favorite Memories - Album by Marie

For the decoration I used most of the range of the collection and also the «nature-study-cluster-kit». It is an incredible element, I highly recommend it, especially if you lack idea. Good difficult to lack idea with so many beautiful products but time is often missing (lol).

Favorite Memories - Album by Marie

I used a lot of rub-on transfers, they are really essential for the decoration of an album, especially for pages including flaps. On each page and photo, I added many feelings, by words or phrases.

Favorite Memories - Album by Marie

To decorate the album I added a Waterfall Enclosure and to decorate it I used the «Ledger» side that harmonizes perfectly with the colors and prints of the collection papers. I left some empty slots that can be completed later.

Favorite Memories - Album by Marie

Always difficult to review an album, so I made a video presentation.

49 and market products:

I hope this album has given you some ideas.
With this series “CREATE-AN-ALBUM” everything is well thought out to make an album in complete serenity.

Thank you very much.


Marie Sabatier